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B.A. in Dance

The Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance at UC Riverside is distinctive for its outstanding faculty of nationally recognized scholars and artists who draw from a variety of academic and creative backgrounds, including choreography, history, literature, performance studies, and cultural studies.

The program focuses on choreography and cultivation of cultural and historical perspectives on dance. Courses on movement practices, dance composition, performance, pedagogies, cultural and historical studies, and digital and screen studies are required. Movement practice courses are offered in modern dance, ballet, tap, and other dance/movement forms as they are practiced in various cultures of the world.

Students must participate in at least one production of “UCR is Dancing,” the annual concert series featuring original choreography and performance projects by students. This concert series also includes historical dance reconstructions by department faculty as well as original repertory created by visiting guest artists.

Visiting guest dancers, choreographers, and scholars come to UC Riverside frequently to give special workshops, master classes, and lectures. Past visiting guest artists include Bill T. Jones, Ann Carlson, Sara Shelton Mann, Joe Goode, Jacques Haim, Lula Washington, and Serge Benathan.

Opportunities to perform include “UCR is Dancing,” the Faculty Dance Concert, the Graduate Dance Concert, M.F.A. Dance Concerts, and the Contemporary Dance Ensemble, the Tap Troupe, and the Ballet Folklorico touring ensembles for the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts.

College Requirements

Students must complete the breadth requirements of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. For a detailed list of requirements, see Degree Requirements.

Major Requirements

The major requirements for the B.A. degree in Dance are as follows: A minimum of 74 units of course work in Dance, 38 of which are upper division.

Lower-division requirements (8 units):
DNCE 014, DNCE 019

Choreographies (12 units):
DNCE 114A, DNCE 114B, DNCE 114C

Histories/Cultures (8 units) 2 courses from:
DNCE 131/WMST 127, DNCE 132, DNCE 133, DNCE 134, DNCE 135

Performance/Productions (10 units):
DNCE 167, DNCE 180G and one quarter of DNCE 180J

Movement Practice (up to 24 units):
Dance majors must enroll in at least one movement practice course per quarter, and must pursue a concentration in two different dance genres of at least 6 units each. Up to 24 units may be counted towards the major from:

  1. DNCE 067A, DNCE 067B, DNCE 067C (Modern Technique)
  2. DNCE 071A, DNCE 071B (Ballet) DNCE 073A/LNST 073A, DNCE 073B/ LNST 073B (Dance of Mexico) DNCE 075A, DNCE 075B (World Dance Forms) DNCE 081A, DNCE 081B, DNCE 081C (Dance Cultures, Culture in Dance)

Electives (12 units) 12 units of additional coursework as follows:

  1. At least 8 units must be drawn from the following upper division courses: DNCE 131/WMST 127, DNCE 132, DNCE 133, DNCE 134, DNCE 135, DNCE 155 (E-Z), DNCE 161/MCS 162, DNCE 162/MCS 162, DNCE 171 (E-Z), DNCE 172 (E-Z), DNCE 173 (E-Z), DNCE 180R
  2. No more than 4 units may be drawn from the following movement practice and dance practicum courses: DNCE 067A, DNCE 067B, DNCE 067C, DNCE 071A, DNCE 071B, DNCE 073A/LNST 073A, DNCE 073B/LNST073B, DNCE 75A, DNCE 075B, DNCE 081A, DNCE 081B, DNCE 081C, DNCE 168, DNCE 180J, DNCE 180K

For more information, contact:

Judith L. Llausás
Academic Advisor
Art, Art History, Dance, Theatre, Film & Digital Production
Arts 235
(951) 827-2676



  • Walk-ins: 1:00pm-3:30pm
  • Appointments: 8:30am-11:00am. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with Judith, please use the link here.

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