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Guest Artists

Guest Artists

In addition to the outstanding faculty of nationally recognized scholars and artists in the Department of Dance at UCR, visiting scholars, choreographers, and professional dancers come to UCR frequently for residencies, to perform, and to conduct workshops, master classes and lectures. Visiting guest artists add to the scholarly dialogue and artistic exchange nurtured at UCR.

Past visiting guest artists:

Bill T. Jones
Meredith Monk
Ann Carlson
Mary Ellen Strom
Lingo dancetheatre
AXIS Dance Company
Urban Bush Women
Pappa Tarahumara
Sara Shelton-Mann
Diavolo Dance Theatre
Joe Goode Performance Group
Sook-ja Kim
Deborah Hay
Zubin (Zul) Mohamad
Rosalie Jones/DAYSTAR
Rulan Tangen/DANCING EARTH Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations
Jack Gray
Rosy Simas Danse
Alejandro Roncería
Jerry Longboat
Nunu Kong
casebolt and smith
Antonia Baehr

Past events

Ann Carlson, Choreographer; Mary Ellen Strom, Video ArtistAnn Carlson, Choreographer and Mary Ellen Strom, Video Artist: Open Lab
October 27, 2005
ARTS Performance Lab

The UC Riverside Department of Dance invites the public to drop in on an Open Lab featuring current research and development of new choreography by Ann Carlson and video work by Mary Ellen Strom. The ongoing event will consist of a repeating cycle of activities that includes performance, archival film and conversation with the artists. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to encounter Carlson's and Strom's renown interdisciplinary work in its formative stages. Students will perform a movement chorus newly constructed by Carlson based on 1913 archival film footage from the first efficiency expert motion studies. This new choreography is a project of the National College Choreography Initiative (NCCI).

During a guest residency in the UCR Department of Dance, Carlson will choreograph a movement chorus utilizing film studies from Frederick Taylor, shot in 1913. In these early industrial studies Taylor used slow-motion film and stop watches to break down the worker's production process into separate movements. The work process was recorded in order to eliminate unnecessary and inefficient movement. Taylor then redesigned the work process to make it more efficient. Carlson appropriates the movement from this historic footage to create a dance that speaks about the ways industry has impacted lives through the body.

Ultimately, this new work will become part of CAke, a site-specific performance and video installation in development by Carlson and Strom. CAke invites the public to examine the source-to-use trajectory of everyday products; investigating labor issues, and the environmental, cultural and economic impact of manufacturing and production through the use of site-based performance, dance, and video projection. Surrounded by and embedded in an art and conceptual shopping experience, CAke will serve as a gathering point for the ethical complexities that face contemporary consumers.

Ann Carlson's guest residency in the UC Riverside Department of Dance is funded in part by the National College Choreography Initiative (NCCI) and the Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts in coordination with the UC Riverside Office of Cultural Events. NCCI, a Leadership Initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, is administered by Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance.

Mid-Stride Choreographers Studio Investigation
May 5, 2004
ARTS 100

Mid-Stride Choreographers Studio Investigation with Alejandro Roncería, (Co-Director and Co-Choreographer, Earth in Motion World Indigenous Dance Co., Toronto, Ontario), and Andrew Brother Elk and Rulan Tangen, (Co-Artistic Directors, Earth Dance Theater, San Francisco, California).

This event brings together two emerging indigenous dance theater companies in an exciting collaboration. The company Directors will speak about the companies they are building in Toronto and San Francisco, and then work with company dancers in the studio, demonstrating their choreographic processes. Followed by discussion with the audience.

Sponsored by the Center for Studies of Body, Performance and Dance, in conjunction with Red Rhythms: Contemporary Methodologies in American Indian Dance.

Andrew Brother Elk is Co-Artistic Director of Earth Dance Theater. He began his career at Stanford University, where he directed the Media Lab, taught mass media courses, served as dean and advisor to the President, founded arts programs, wrote and directed films and plays, and was Resident Fellow at the American Indian Theme House. He left Stanford in 1994 to serve as CEO of a variety of multimedia corporations. Brother Elk also served as an Arts Commissioner for San Francisco, and as chair of the Native American Cultural Center since 1995. He has advised Mayors and Governors on arts and media issues, and has been honored with awards and citations from around the world for promoting indigenous arts. Since 2000 he has devoted himself exclusively to the arts, creating and directing new plays and films, and founding both the Indigenous Dance Program and Earth Dance Theater.

Alejandro Ronceria is a choreographer based in Canada with international profile. Classically trained, he performed with classical companies in his native Colombia, the Soviet Union and the U.S. before arriving in Canada. As a choreographer, he embraced his indigenous roots and dedicated over a decade to the pursuit of developing an original dance language informed by indigenous culture and art forms. Ronceria's first full production "The Jaguar Project" was officially invited to The DuMaurier World Stage Festival (1992) and since, his works have been presented in numerous international venues. Ronceria is also an accomplished filmmaker and his dance-films have been official selections at major film festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance. Ronceria has also worked extensively as an educator and is the Co-founder of The Aboriginal Dance Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where he held the position of Director from 1996-2000, and brought together artists from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, New Zealand, and Greenland. In his last year, he choreographed/co-directed Bones the first Aboriginal dance opera (2001). Most recently he choreographed The Art Show for Native Earth (2004) and is developing a dance-opera for film. He is also the Co-founder/Co-director of a new company, Earth in Motion: Indigenous World Dance. Currently he is developing a full length dance opera for film.

Rulan Tangen is the recently appointed choreographer and Co-Artistic Director for Earth Dance Theater. She is a lifelong dance artist, having performed in the U.S., Canada, and Europe in the fields of ballet, modern dance, Plains traditional powwow dance. She now reaches into blood memory to explore visions of global indigenous contemporary dance. She wholeheartedly believes that dance can inspire the world towards diversity, solidarity and freedom.

Sook-ja KimSook-ja Kim: Korean Dance Performance
Directed and Reconstructed by Sook-ja Kim and Won-sun Choi
October 18, 2003
University Theatre

The Interdisciplinary Program in Asian Studies and the Department of Dance at the University of California, Riverside, present the American premiere of Sook-ja Kim: Korean Dance Performance in an evening of traditional Korean dance and music. Sook-ja Kim is recognized by the Korean government as a Master of Korean Dance and Successor of Korean Traditional Dance. She is the director of Han-wool Dance Company in Seoul and a professor of Han-seng University in Seoul, Korea. Sook-ja Kim is joined onstage by her daughter Won-sun Choi in the shaman dance Mudang-chum. Won-sun Choi is also recognized as a Successor of Korean Traditional Dance and is a PhD student in the Department of Dance at the University of California, Riverside.

Sook-ja Kim: Korean Dance Performance is made possible by generous donations from the Seung Family, the UCR Interdisciplinary Program in Asian Studies, the UCR Department of Dance and UCR Extension.p

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