Rapport, Lindsay Blue Annie

Get on This Vibe: Freestyling and Being in/as Radical Togetherness

Lerner, Rosalia
“Get Well Soon!” Sick Bodied Performance of Chronic Conditions

Forbez, Xiomara Mireya
Technical Pursuit: Technique and Training of Nonprofessional Dancers in Ballet, Hula, and Bachata


Gonzalez, Irvin Manuel
Dancing Quebradita: Transnational Belonging and Mexicanidades Across the U.S. – Mexico Border

Bowker, Kelly
Race-ing Technology in Dance

Macias, Evangelina Anne Suncere
Dancing Defiance: From Native American Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance to Indigenous Burlesque and Pole Dance

Stahl-Kovell, Katie N.
Choreographing Childbirth: Tactics and Techniques of Motherhood

Maiko Le Lay
Cypher to Classroom:  an Ethnography & Choreographic Reading on Teaching and Learning, and Embodied Hip Hop Pedagogy Otherwise

Ania Nikulina
Ballet in Ukraine: A Site of Tension between Russian Imperialism and Nationalism

Rainy Demerson
(Re)mapping Space, Time, and Energy: Re-membering Black Women in South African Contemporary Dance

Theresa Goldbach
Losing the Center: Madrid, Flamenco, and Contested Urban Spaces

Radman Shafie

Social Tango Dancing in the Age of Neoliberal Competition, 2019 Christine Sahin, Core Connections: A Contemporary Cairo Raqs Sharqi Ethnography

Casey Avaunt
Claiming Ritual: Female Lion Dancing in Boston’s Chinatown

Denise M. Machin
Find your Place, Please: Gender in 21st Century U.S. Amateur Ballroom Dance Practices

Wei-Chi Wu
Dancing Within Taiwanese-ness: International Folk Dancing Communities in Taiwan and California

Rachel Carrico
Footwork! Improvised Dance as Dissenting Mobility in the New Orleans Second Line

Jessica Dellecave
Reading the Againness of Vietnam in Contemporary United States Antiwar Choreography

Sang Woo Ha
Embodiments of Korean Mask Dance (T’alch’um) from the 1960s to the 1980s: Traversing National Identity, Subjectivity, and Gender Binary

Natalie Zervou
The Greek Body of Crisis: Contemporary Dance as a Site of Negotiating and Restructuring National Identity in the Era of Precarity

Jessica Behm
Bodies of War: The Embodiment of Force in Theaters of War

Melissa Hudson Bell
Audience Engagement in San Francisco’s Contemporary Dance Scene: Forging Connections through Food

Jessica Herring
Hope Races toward Repetition: ‘Fondly do we hope…fervently do we pray’, MA Thesis

Asheley Smith
Reproducible Dances: Reconstructing the ‘Ephemeral’ with Funding from the National Endowment for the Arts’ ‘American Masterpieces: Dance’ Program

Lindsey Michelle Timmons Summers
Dancing Christian from Ruth St. Denis to Pole Dancing for Jesus

Minerva Tapia
Danzas Fronterizas: Contemporary Dance at the U.S.-Mexican Borderland

Sarah Holmes
A Critical Dance Studies Examination of the Teaching Methodologies, Exercises, and Principles of Pilates

Hye-Won Hwang
Transnational Circulations of “Laban” Methods: Gender, Power Relations, and Negotiated Meanings in Early Twenty-First Century South Korea’s Modernity

Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia
Bodily Renderings of the Jarabe Tapatio in Early Twentieth-Century Mexico and the Millennial United

Hannah Schwadron
White Nose, (Post) Bawdy Bodies, and the Un/dancing Sexy Jewess

Ana Maria Tamayo-Duque
En Colombia Se Baila Asi: Intersectional Bodies, Race, Gender and Nation Building in the Barranquilla Carnival

Elizabeth Kurien
Kutiyattam: Intangible Heritage and Transnationalism

Laura Vriend
Choreographing Urbanisms: Site, Spatiality and Experimental Dance in Philadelphia

Premalatha Thiagarajan
Performing Indian Dance in Malaysia

Melissa Templeton
Polyrhythmic Dance Currents: Race Multiculturalism and the Montreal Dance Community

Szu-Ching Chang
Dancing with Nostalgia in Taiwanese Contemporary ‘Traditional’ Dance

Duanzi Cheng
Musings on the Ruptures: Examining the Circulations of Chinese Modern Dance in the U.S., MA Thesis

Anusha Kedhar
On the Move: Transnational South Asian Dancers and the ‘Flexible’ Dancing Body

Laura Osweiler
Dancing in the Fringe: Connections Forming “An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

Freya Vass-Rhee
Audio-Visual Stress: Cognitive Approaches to the Perceptual Performativity of William Forsythe and Ensemble

Mark Broomfield
Black Male Dancers and the Performance of Masculinity On- and Offstage

Tania Hammidi
Dance, Dress, Desire: Drag Kings, Prison Wear, and the Dressed, Dancing Body

Alexis Weisbrod
Competition Dance: Redefining Dance in the United States

Maral Yessayan
Performing Jordan In an Era Of Transformative Globalization: The Emergence of an? Alternative Labor Market

Ying Zhu
Remembering through the Corpus: The Intersection of (Moving) Bodies with Architecture at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Shakina Nayfack
Butoh Ritual Mexicano: An Ethnography of Dance, Transformation, and Community Redevelopment

Ahalya Satkunaratnam
Moving Bodies, Navigating Conflict: Practicing Bharata Natyam in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Alison Bory
Dancing with My Self: Performing Autobiography in (Post) Modern Dance

Celia Bambara
Transfiguring Diaspora: Travel and the Politics of Haitian Dance

Ting-Ting Chang
Choreographing the Peacock: Gender, Ethnicity, and National Identity in Chinese Ethnic Dance

Adrienne Stroik
The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893: The Production of Fair Performers and Fairgoers

Amita Nijhawan
We Are Cool Now…in Hamara India: Bikinis, Bike Races and Dancing Bodies in the Age of Globalization

Roxane Fenton
Circuits of Representation: Figure Skating and Cultural Meaning in U.S. Popular Culture

Won Sun Choi
Re-Presentations of Han, a Special Emotional Quality, in Korean Dancing Culture

Youngjae Roh
Choreographing Local and Global Discourses: Ballet, Women, and National Identity

Jennifer Dawson
Danseuses as Working Women: Ballet and Female Waged Labor at the Paris Opera, 1830-1860

Melissa Blanco Borelli
A Case of Hip(g)nosis: An Epistemology of the Mulata Body and her Revolutionary Hips

Diyah Larasati
Dancing on the Mass Grave: Cultural Reconstruction of Post Indonesian Massacres

Kuang-Yu Cheng
Exporting Taiwanese Dances: The Touring of Taiwanese Ideologies through the Chinese Goodwill Mission

Jill Nunes Jensen
Re-Forming the Lines: A Critical Analysis of Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet

Maria Talamantes
The Cultural Politics of Performance: Women, Dance Ritual, and the Transnational Tourism Industry in Bali

Tharon Paul Weighill
The 2-Step Tales of Hahashka: Experiences in Corporeality and Embodiment in Aboriginal California

Isabel Valverde
Interfacing Dance and Technology: A Theoretical Framework for Performance in the Digital Domain

Carla Huntington
Moving Beyond the Baumol and Bowen Cost Disease in Professional Ballet: A 21st Century Pas de Deux (Dance) of New Economic Assumptions and Dance History Perspectives

Danielle Robinson
Race in Motion: Reconstructing the Practice, Profession, and Politics of Social Dancing, New York City 1900-1930

Hyunjung Kim
Choreographies of Gender and Nationalism in Contemporary South Korean Dance

Yatin Lin
Choreographing a Flexible Taiwan: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Taiwan’s Changing Identity, 1973-2003

Kirsche Dickson
Liberty Dances: Women’s Movements and the Revival of Faith in American Capitalist- Democracy

Jeffrey Friedman
Embodied Narrative: A Laban Movement Analysis of Dance Oral History Towards Ontological Awareness

Juliet McMains
Glamour Lessons: Race, Class, and Gender in the American Dancesport Industry

Russ Patrick Alcedo
Traveling Performance: An Ethnography of a Philippine Religious Festival

Maura Keefe
Talking Dancing: The Choreography of Space and Character in Contemporary U.S. Dance

Jens Giersdorf
Choreographing Socialism: Bodies and Performance in East Germany Before, During, and After the Fall of the Wall

Colleen Dunagan
Virtual Power and Kinetic Bodies: Re-Thinking Twentieth Century Dance Aesthetics

Karen Schaffman
From the Margins to the Mainstream: Contact Improvisation and the Commodification of Touch

Janet O’Shea
At Home in the World: Bharata Natyam’s Transnational Traditions, 2001 Yutian Wong, Choreographing Asian America: Club O’ Noodles and Other Mis-Acts

John Jordan
Light in the Heels: The Emergence of the Effeminate Male Dancer in Eighteenth-Century English History

Riselia Bezerra
‘Sambations’: Samba and the Politics of Syncopation

Francesca Castaidi
Choreographing African Identities: Negritude and the National Ballet of Senegal

Anne Dunkin-Willis
Marking Time and Space Together: An Interpretation of Young People’s Dancing as Cultural Play

Michelle Heffner
Bailando la Historia/Flamenco Bodies in History and Film

David Gere
How to Make Dances in an Epidemic: Tracking Choreography in the Age of AIDS

Jennifer Fisher
The Annual Nutcracker: A Participant-Oriented, Contextualized Study of The Nutcracker Ballet as it has Evolved into a Christmas Ritual in the United States and Canada

Anthony Shay
Choreophobia: Iranian Solo Improvised Dance in the Southern California Diaspora