Students who minor in Dance receive an introduction to dance making, dance studies, and movement practice experience in a variety of dance forms and traditions, and exposure to cultural and historical studies of dance that enable them to pursue upper-division courses germane to a particular focus in dance. Dance minors are able to participate in student and faculty productions. Students must declare the minor before their final degree check before graduation, by completing a petition with the Student Affairs Office in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Prior approval by the Department of Dance is required. The minor is noted on the transcript at the time the degree is conferred.

See Minors under the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences in the Colleges and Programs section of the catalog for additional information on minors.


To complete a minor in Dance, students must complete 30 units in Dance as follows:

Lower Division (14 units required):

Introductory Courses (8 units required)
Dance 014: Introduction to Choreography
Dance 019: Introduction to Dance Studies

Movement Practice Courses (6 units required)
DNCE 065A, DNCE 065B: Latin American Social Dance
DNCE 066A, DNCE 066B: West African Dance
DNCE 067A, DNCE 067B, DNCE 067C: Modern Dance
DNCE 068: Somatics
DNCE 070A, DNCE 070B, DNCE 070C: Hip Hop Dance
DNCE 071A, DNCE 071B: Ballet
DNCE 073A, DNCE 073B: Jazz Dance
DNCE 074A, DNCE 074B: Yoga
DNCE 075A, DNCE 075B: Dance Techniques and Practices
DNCE 081: Dance Cultures, Culture in Dance

Upper Division (16 units required):

Choose Between the Following
DNCE 115 (E-Z): Dance Making
DNCE 131: Dance, Gender, Sexuality
DNCE 132: Dance, Citizenship, Location
DNCE 133: Dance, Space, Time
DNCE 134: Dance, Genre, Institutions
DNCE 135: Dance, Race, Property
DNCE 136: Hip Hop Collectivity and Change
DNCE 140: Production Lab
DNCE 155 (E-Z): Seminar in Music and Dance
DNCE 161: Choreographing the Screen
DNCE 162: Tool, Technology, Technique
DNCE 171 (E-Z): Filmic Bodies
DNCE 172 (E-Z): Televisual Bodies
DNCE 173 (E-Z): Digitized Bodies
DNCE 180 (E-Z): Dance Practicum
DNCE 181: Dance Cultures, Culture in Dance

Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
Jose L. Reynoso He/Him/His
Associate Professor

ARTS 201

Academic Advisors

Elaine Chacon, She/Her/Hers
(Last Names A-Hi)
INTN 3033A
(951) 827-3343

Anthony Gonzalez, He/Him/His
(Last Names Ho-M)
Sproul 4127
(951) 827-6053

Jennifer Garrison, She/Her
(Last Names N-Z)

INTN 3033

Dance Major

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