Emily is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar working across mediums of dance, performance, film, and text. Emily believes that the ways our physical bodies move through the world are reflections of past encounters and rehearsals for our future encounters. She believes the heightened frame and ephemeral container of performance allows us to experiment with alternate ways of being in the world, attempting to access alternate possibilities that are not able to be expressed in dominant notions of time, space, and identity.  Emily holds an MFA in Choreography from UCLA. She currently serves as the Intimacy Director and Educator at Cal Arts Schools of Theater and Dance. 

Her independent choreographic and performance work has received support and residencies from Atelier Real and Forum Dança in Lisbon, Portugal,  Ponderosa Art Centre in Stolzhagen, Germany, and the PReS Residency in Kassel, Germany. She founded and curates the monthly show, First Draft at Junior High Los Angeles, an experimental works in process show for local LA based performing artists.