Assistant Professor

Select Publications:

Firmino-Castillo, María Regina; Guarcax, Daniel; Tohil Fidel Brito [forthcoming 2022]. “Destellos entre mundos y cuerpos: de la historiografía colonial en Mesoamérica a una historiología aplicada anticolonial, especulativa, y pluriversal.” Revista Brasileira de Estudos em Dança.

Firmino-Castillo, María Regina. 2021. “The Refusal to be Disappeared: Lukas Avendaño’s Xibalbay.Howlround Theatre Commons. 28 October.

Firmino-Castillo, María Regina. 2020. “RUXIMIK QAK’U’X: Inextricable Relationalities in Mayan Performance Practice, a Dialogical Co-Theorization with Daniel Fernando Guarcax González and Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal. Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies. Volume XL: 31-35.

Firmino Castillo, María Regina; Guarcax González, Daniel Fernando and Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal. 2019. “Beyond the Border: Embodied Mesoamerican Transmotions.” Movement Research Performance Journal: Sovereign Movements: Native Dance and Performance, guest edited by Rosy Simas and Ahimsa Timotéo Bodhran. Special Issue #52/53: 34-41.

Firmino Castillo, María Regina; Guarcax González, Daniel Fernando (on behalf of Grupo Sotz’il); and Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal. 2019. “Ruximik Qak’u’x: Inescapable Relationalities in Grupo Sotz’il’s Performance Practice.” Imaginations: Revue d’études interculturelles de l’image. Issue on Critical Relationality: Indigenous and Queer Belonging Beyond Settler Sex & Nature, edited by Kimberly Tallbear and Angela Willey.

Firmino Castillo, María Regina. 2018. “WHAT MA LACH’S BONES TELL US: Performances of Relational Materiality in Response to Genocide.” Transmotion. Special Issue on Genocide, edited by Melissa Michal Slocum. Vol. 4.2: 31-62.

Firmino Castillo, María Regina. 2016. “Dancing the Pluriverse: Contemporary Indigenous Performance as Ontological Praxis.” Dance Research Journal: Special Issue on Indigenous Dance Now, edited by Jacqueline Shea Murphy. 48(1): 55 – 73.

Firmino-Castillo, María and Tohil Brito Bernal, Lalo Velasco Ceto, Xhas Matom, 2014. Uma’l Iq’: Tiempo y Espacio Maya’ Ixil. Guatemala (Iximulew): Cholsamaj.