UCR is Dancing is the annual capstone project/performance platform that showcases original choreography projects created by students in the Department of Dance.  Dance Majors are required to enroll in DNCE 188: Individual Projects in Creative Activity in the fall quarter of their 3rd or 4th year (depending on when they started the core courses), and then DNCE 189E: Capstone Research Seminar the following winter which culminates in UCR is Dancing. These two newly designed courses are paired over two quarters and support the development of original choreographic research.

Dance Majors begin their capstone projects after a year of rigorous study in Dance-Making and Dance Studies courses, which begin with DNCE 14: Intro to Choreography and DNCE 19: Intro to Dance Studies, and is followed by three DNCE 115 E-Z courses, each of varying approach and method (e.g.: Dance as Ritual, Dance as Story, Dance as Scores, Dance as Political Activation, Dance as Materials etc.), and DNCE 131-136: Dance Studies (e.g.: Gender/Sexuality, Citizenship/Location, Space/Time, Genre/Institution, Race/Property, and Hip Hop/Connectivity/Change). DNCE 189E, the culminating course, prepares students to translate their rehearsal practices to the stage, and in our case, is the annual showcase UCR is Dancing, held at the University Theater. This includes development of their lighting, sound and costume design, materials cultivation, and staging. The course includes master workshops by guest artists who bring to the students varying aesthetic, cultural and political points of view concerning their artistic practices. Part of the curriculum requires the students to produce their work, including developing press materials, social media campaigns, gathering detailed program information, contributing to the organization and management of tech/dress rehearsals and performances, and leading company warm up. Student choreographers work with student dancers, and cultivate important skills in directing, giving critical feedback, and collaborating. There is no other undergraduate curriculum in Dance Making and Dance Studies like in the Department of Dance at UCR, where the primary focus is on the intersection of creative practice/research and theory. Historically, UCR is Dancing has been presented at the University Theater. As our faculty and curriculum expands, and our students’ breadth of experience and interests shift, capstone projects will move beyond the concert stage and into other alternative venues and platforms.

Audition Information

At the start of the fall quarter, student choreographers hold auditions for their projects. Dancers, movers, and performers from all backgrounds within and outside of the department are welcome to audition. All students who are selected and participate in UCR is Dancing are expected to commit in fall and winter quarters, and to enroll in DNCE 167: Production (a 2 unit rehearsal/production credit course). Dates and times for auditions vary. Please be on the lookout at the start of the fall quarter for audition information.

Past Performances